Art of the Thank-You Note
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Entertaining expert Kimberly Whitman explains the art of thank-you notes.


Find Living Network smart tips with Kimberly Schlegel Whitman. Kimberly Schlegel Whitman: In an age of email, automated responses and the instant messaging. Nothing stands out more than a good old fashion, hand written thank you note. Here are few ideas for sharing your heartfelt thanks. Be timely with your thank you note, for a wedding gift you have one year to send the reply. For a birthday or a graduation gift you have two weeks, for a dinner or party you attend you should thank the host and hostess within two or three days. Keep length thank you notes out so you will be reminded and inspired to write often. Send a thank you note for all occasions, you should send it for every gift receive and every dinner you attend. Write it as you would say it, like your personality and sense of humor shine through. For more, go to tips.