Are Women Hard to Understand
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Kyle tries to determine if women are hard to understand, and shares his sincere efforts to relate to the fairer sex.


[Music Playing] Are women hard to understand? I try to understand woman. I make a good effort, I am not like “look at me I am such a guy that is woman now I am doing my guy and you do your woman thing” I am pretty sensitive individual. I listen to a nice Amy Mann CD or see a subtitled film, I am good with these things, I enjoy them, and I make a conscious effort to be like “Well, it’s in French that is fine, we can do this” but I just want to come the other way. You know, I am not a sports laden mongrel. I will come my way and I get interested in my &&% that I like to, you know it is like I guess we are going to see a really cool &%& ladies cover band. This is a tribute to night ranger and you will standby my side and get me Bud Light that is all I like and do not scoff at me when I am making an effort, you know. [Music Playing]