Arafat to Be Exhumed, Body Tested For Radiation
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The widow of Yasser Arafat is planning to file a legal complaint in France asking authorities to investigate the death of her husband. A lab in Switzerland detected elevated traces of polonium-210 on some of Arafat's belongings. (July 10)


[Notes:AP file]THE BODY OF FORMER PALESTINIAN LEADER YASSER ARAFAT WILL BE EXHUMED ... WITH PALESTINIAN AUTHORITIES ASKING FOR AN INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATION INTO HIS 2004 DEATH IN A FRENCH HOSPITAL.ARAFAT'S WIDOW GAVE ARAB SATELLITE T-V CHANNEL AL-JAZEERA HER HUSBAND'S MEDICAL FILE AND WHAT SHE SAYS ARE HIS BELONGINGS ... A SWISS RESEARCH INSTITUTE DETECTED TRACES OF POLONIUM 210 ... A RARE AND HIGHLY LETHAL SUBSTANCE ... ON THOSE BELONGINGS. BUT IT SAID THE FINDINGS ARE INCONCLUSIVE.[Notes:Saeb Erekat, Palestinian president's aide]SOT: We are seeking the truth and every single Palestinian is seeking the truth, and we cannot reach the truth without this. So painful as it may be to some, it's a needful thing.THE MOVE HAS POLITICAL OFFICIALS STAYING AWAY FROM WADING INTO DETAILS ...[Notes:Pool][Notes:Hillary Clinton / Secretary of State]SOT: Well Bradley, I'm not going to answer a string of hypotheticals. Nobody can predict what may or may not come of such action ...RESEARCHERS SAY THEY NEED ARAFAT'S BODY TO BE SURE ...[Notes:CCTV News][Notes:NATS UP French]THIS SCIENTIST AT THE LAB IN SWITZERLAND SAYS If we can get to and check his body as soon as possible, for the radioactivity of polonium-210 continues to decline, there will be hope for us to find out the truth.A LAWYER FOR ARAFAT'S WIDOW SAYS THE HOPE IS AN INVESTIGATION ... WILL ESTABLISH THE EXACT CIRCUMSTANCES OF ARAFAT'S DEATH.ARAFAT'S WIDOW IS PLANNING TO FILE A LEGAL COMPLAINT IN FRANCE ... ASKING AUTHORITIES TO INVESTIGATE HOW HE DIED.LEE POWELL, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: ---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP file, CCTV-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: No Access China----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): --------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: AP-Right Now, 1493, APTN-MideastArafat, APTN-Switzerland Arafat Death