AP Poll: Santa Claus Is Real
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Just in time for Christmas, a new AP-GfK poll reveals 84 percent of Americans believed in Santa Claus as children, and a majority still say the jolly guy plays a part in their holiday celebrations. The AP's Lee Powell looks to those who believe. (Dec. 23)


[Notes:Dec. 22, 2011][Notes:Washington][Notes:AP]HE IS THE GUY THAT IS HARD TO MISS THIS TIME OF YEAR ...NAT POP: It really wouldn't be the same without Santa Claus ...[Notes:VO AP Images Santa]SANTA ON A TRAIN ... WITH A PLANE ... IN A CROWD ... SANTA CLAUS GETS AROUND.BUT BEYOND THE RED AND WHITE ... NOT ALWAYS APPLIED RIGHT ... DO PEOPLE STILL *BELIEVE*?[Notes:SUPER: Stacy Worley / Natchez, Miss.]WORLEY SOT: Santa always had the unwrapped present under the tree.NAT POP: I think he's fake.NAT POP: Thing is, we're kind of worried ... You know, the little ones about Santa Claus, yes, the little ones, they still believe ...WELL, NOW THERE IS A POLL ... FROM A-P G-F-K ... JUST IN TIME FOR SANTA'S BIG HOLIDAY.[Notes:NATS NATS NATS][Notes:VO Graphic with Santa background]84 PERCENT SAID THEY BELIEVED ... AS A KID ... AND NO KIDDING NOW ... AS GROWN-UPS, A MAJORITY OF PARENTS SAY THE BIG GUY WITH THE BEARD ... IS STILL A *BIG* DEAL, HELPING MAKE THE HOLIDAY *REAL.*[Notes:SUPER: Lois Jeffery / Buffalo, NY]JEFFERY SOT: In the neighborhood we make sure we don't dash anybody's hopes ...NAT POP: He says ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! And his bag can be filled with anything ...[Notes:NATS NATS NATS]SO *BAH* TO THE BAH-HUMBUGS ...[Notes:APTN][Notes:VO Reindeer in Lapland]DASH AWAY, DASH AWAY DOUBTERS ... STAY OUT OF SIGHT.[Notes:NATS NATS NATS]HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL ... AND TO ALL ... SANTA CLAUS *LIVES* ... THE NUMBERS PROVE IT RIGHT.LEE POWELL, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS(****END****)