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Today, the only cook you'll be kissing in the kitchen is beauty expert, Stacy Cox. She is here to showcase the latest trends in the anti-aging battle; and this involves some of the most basic everyday cooking ingredients.


Audra Lowe: Some of you might be familiar with the phrase “kiss the cook”, right? Well today, you're going to want to kiss beauty expert Stacy Cox. She is here to showcase the latest trend in the anti-aging battle and believe it not, it involves some of the most basic everyday cooking ingredients. We literally mean that, right Stacy? Stacy Cox: We do, like Turkey sausage—no, I'm kidding. Not turkey sausage. Audra Lowe: Not quite. But the brands are really trying to raise the bar with what they’re coming out with. Stacy Cox: Right. Well, one of the trends in skin care that I'm finding is that the brands are taking ingredients that are inherent in our cooking recipes, dishes we’re eating out in restaurants and they’re taking the antioxidant benefits and all the anti-aging benefits. Harnessing them and putting them in our moisturizers, our lip glosses, and our hair color. Audra Lowe: This night cream that you have over here, she calls this her “work horse” because it has like Indian food mixed in there. Indian, right? Stacy Cox: Right Audra. Okay, so when you think of Indian food, you think spices and you think turmeric. So in—this is called the DDF Advanced Firming Night Cream. This bad boy retails for $105.00 and before you gasp, it's worth every penny. It has a turmeric complex in it which has a combination of things. It has glycerin. It has copper. And it has zinc. So those are minerals. When you want to deal with fighting free radicals and skin damage, the complex goes in. The turmeric complex goes in along with the antioxidants. It firms, brightens, and tightens your completion. That’s not all. Okay, so you think that’s good. But no wait, it does more. It deeply hydrates the skin and on top of that, it goes in and does cell surface turnover. If you have dead skin on your face, you skin looks dull. This product can go in and revitalize the dead skin cells so that your skin really glows. Audra Lowe: I take it you like this one a lot. Stacy Cox: I love it! I love it! Audra Lowe: Okay, there's a hair color—sparkling wine is kind of infused in this? Stacy Cox: Well, sparkling champagne. Audra Lowe: So this is champagne. Stacy Cox: Right. Audra Lowe: I haven’t been drinking. Stacy Cox: Take it into low gear. And this is from Clairol and this is their Natural Instincts Collection. Specifically, it's called Champagne Indulgence and what they’re doing basically is they’re taking—again, we hear that buzz word “antioxidants”. They’re taking antioxidants and vitamin C and E, things that we use in skin care. They’re harnessing it into their demi-permanent color. So, it's called—this is what we’re going to hear about in January I think coming in the trends in 2010, is healthy hair color. Audra Lowe: Okay. Stacy Cox: So, they’re taking skin care ingredients. They’re harnessing and putting them into your hair color. This retails for $8.99. And they’re taking the connotation of champagne and the tone on tone, the light blond. This is perfect for them. But it's really great because it's antioxidant, so it's food for the face but for your hair. Audra Lowe: I like that, and also pretty inexpensive. There’s a beauty primer with truffle oil. Stacy Cox: Exactly. Now this is from a brand I really like for makeup called Pixi Cosmetics. I've seen them at Target and it's their flawless beauty primer. It retails for $29.00 and when your skin is looking a little dry and dull and foundation is just sitting on your face, you take a little bit of a beauty primer like this. This specifically has truffle oil. That’s the ingredient that we see drizzled on for bread and pasta. And you’re going to apply this to your skin before you do your foundation and it pops. It gives your skin a little hydrating glow. The truffle oil has amino acids in it to really hydrate it. And then guess what? Just like we saw in DDF and the Clairol Natural Instinct Champagne Indulgence, the primer has the antioxidants in it. So you keep seeing this food for your face theme. Audra Lowe: All the time. Let’s go on because I want to make sure we get to the lotion here. This is a lip gloss that has a little mint oil in it. Stacy Cox: Cover Girl teamed with Crest toothpaste, took the peppermint oil extract out and they—it's called Amazemint. It's from the Wetslicks brand, retails for $4.99. It comes in 13 shades, has an ingredient in it called “petrolatum” which is like considered the Ferrari ingredient of good lip glosses. Audra Lowe: Oh okay. I got you, got you. Now, this particular hand lotion is special, why? Stacy Cox: Well, it's a merger just like Crest and Cover Girl teamed up. This is the skin care brand Jason and Celestial Seasonings Tea. So, they took their Sleepytime Tea which has blackberry, Hawthorn berry and chamomile and they infused it into the body lotion. So this is something that’s great to put on your hands and around your body as you’re trying to kind of calm down and get ready for a sleep. Audra Lowe: Exactly. Stacy Cox: It retails for $8.99. Again, under $10.00 and it's available at drugstores like Duane Reade, CVS Pharmacy. Audra Lowe: Okay, so you don’t have to go anywhere. Stacy Cox: No, not at all. Audra Lowe: And it's very soft. I like that. It feels really good on the skin too. Stacy, thank you so much, always good to see you. Stacy Cox: You're welcome. Audra Lowe: You know your stuff.