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Learn about the life, success and style of Venezuelan fashion designer Angel Sanchez.


Angel Sanchez Fashion Designer Profile Female: Renowned around the world for his funky architectural and stunning bridal and evening wear is Venezuelan designer, Angel Sanchez. Sanchez was practically born with a needle and thread in his hands and has been enthralled with fashion ever since he was a child. His family owned a dress making business in his native Venezuela where he was constantly surrounded by fabrics, designs and dresses. Immediately, he was inspired by his mother’s talent and even though he showed early on his ability, Sanchez chose to study architecture instead. After working as an architect for two years, his family roots caught up with him and he knew he was to be a fashion designer and it was in 1987 that he founded his namesake evening wear label. He became popular in his own home of Venezuela and Latin America eventually to move his growing company to New York in 1997. By ‘99 he had launched his bridal collection and was selling his designs in popular American stores such Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. His bridal gowns were receiving rave reviews and he was beginning to showcase his evening wear at New York Fashion Week. He was also inducted as a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and his reputation and popularity was cemented as one of the top growing designers. Today, he is widely known and loved for both his bridal and evening wear that shows his architectural talent as well as his ability to create timeless pieces that allow women to feel beautiful and sexy. In 2004, the flowing romantic look of Sanchez graced the runway as models glided out in soft pastels looking as elegant as ever in soft bridal gowns layered with ruffles. This collection was one of Sanchez’s biggest collections done for brides featuring lots of embroidery. In 2008, his four collections skillfully combined his knowledge and appreciation of both fashion and architecture with a show that was partly inspired by the architecture of Tadao Ando, his travels in Japan and also his mother. Angel Sanchez: My moneys and every single piece is part of my mom because every element I learned how to treat the fabric, how to play with ornamentation, how to respect the quality. My mom was the most amazing in my hometown. So she will enjoy some of the quality. Female: The combined angular elements with applicable flowers and made heavy use of brocades and metallic silk fabrics for a collection that was designed to be elegant and contemporary. Some of Sanchez’s work though has been his creations for some of the biggest names in film, television and music. The orange carpet for the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards was washed with color as the stars showed off their outfits from their favorite designers. And country singer Taylor Swift up to the glamour in a bright red length gown wore off the shoulder by Angel Sanchez. Grey’s Anatomy star, Sara Ramirez modeled the form fitting strapless gown designed by Sanchez as New York Fashion Week kicked off with a charitable hot red dress event which featured celebrities wearing one of a kind red dresses in hopes of raising awareness of heart disease in women. And Nicolette Sheridan attended the 60th annual Emmy Awards wearing a sleek strapless gown by Sanchez in purple, a trendy full color. So it seems he’s funky yet elegant in graceful designs have one of the more than just fashion lovers from around the world. They have one over many of the people who have influenced fashion designers. While his designs may sometimes seem a little theatrical and imaginative, they’re also very lady like structured and make many women gorgeous whether it’s for her wedding day or a night out. Angel Sanchez has successfully turned his label into a thriving brand that’s now loved by many women around the world.