America's First Latino Sextuplet Celebrate 2nd Birthday
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The Carpios from "Sextuplets Take New York" celebrate the second birthday of their children.


America's First Latino Sextuplet Celebrate 2nd Birthday Female: The Carpio babies known as America’s first Latino sextuplets turned two today, pulling her daughter’s hair back in some little pigtails, Digna Carpio props the toddlers for their second birthday party. The 33-year old mother of seven says, she was crying today because she couldn’t believe her sextuplets were already two years old. Digna and her husband Victor still live in Queens and have recently been featured in the TLC series, Sextuplets Take New York. Digna Carpio: Because they are premature and it’s a hard job. But I still do it and I love them. I love my family that is the most important. It is hard. It’s still hard because they grew up already so they are more curious. They are heavier but I’m very, very happy. The best pay for I want to do in my whole life is I want to be a good mother.