Alligators Are Splash at Kids' Pool Parties
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Bob Barrett gives Florida kids pool parties they'll never forget. The Florida business owner will bring an alligator straight to your backyard pool to swim with the children. (Sept. 26)


[Location - Date:Madeira Beach, Fla. -- September 26, 2012][Source:AP][VO:]CALL IS THE LATEST TREND IN CHILDREN'S BIRTHDAY PARTIES ... FOR THOSE KIDS AND PARENTS THAT THINK THEY'VE SEEN IT ALL....[Notes:SOT Bob Barrett, Alligator Attraction: "You know by the time you're 11, you've already had the Chuck-E-Cheese party, you've had the clown party, bounce jumparoo bounce-house party, so you're done."]SO INSTEAD OF PARTY FAVORS ...HOW ABOUT PARTY ... GATORS.STRAIGHT OUT OF THE SWAMPS OF FLORIDA.[Notes:NATS UP Bob Barrett, Alligator Attraction: "How do you top having an alligator for a swimming pool party?"]BOB BARRETT RUNS THE ALLIGATOR ATTRACTION ...VISITORS CAN HOLD AND FEED RESCUED BABY GATORS. HE SAYS THE INSPIRATION FOR HIS PARTY IDEA CAME WHEN BUSINESS WAS SLOW ..[Notes:SOT Bob Barrett, Alligator Attraction: "You have a gator swimming pool party, you're very popular"]FOR 175 DOLLARS ... BARRETT BRINGS THE GATOR STRIGHT TO YOUR BACKYARD POOL.WHERE KIDS CAN SWIM ALONGSIDE AND EVEN TOUCH THE REPTILE.BUT HE SAYS ... THERE'S NO NEED FOR PARENTS TO WORRY...HE TAPES THE BABY ALLIGATORS' MOUTHS SHUT BEFORE THE PARTY. AND GIVES THE KIDS INSTRUCTIONS.[Notes:SOT Bob Barrett, Alligator Attraction: "We do a safety program first telling them what to do and not to do. It's almost like the manatees where you don't chase after them, you don't want to pull their tales."]THE FLORIDA FISH AND WILDLIFE CONSERVATION COMMISSION SAYS BARRETT ISN'T DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL...BUT DID SAY IN A STATEMENT, QUOTE "THIS IS NOT SOMETHING THAT WE ENCOURAGE." [SIGOUT/REPORTER, LOCATION, ASSOCIATED PRESS](****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: NICOLE GRETHER-------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: NICOLE GRETHER---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP; BOB BARRETT-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: BOB MCCALL----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: COURTESY BOB BARRETT----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): NONE--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: N/A