Aliens vs. Predator - Multiplayer Gamer's Day Trailer
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Rebellion developers focus their triple laser-sights on the authentic Aliens vs. Predator multiplayer experience in Sega's upcoming current-gen edition.


Dave: David P inherits from a 10 year old PC data which was very kind of heavily— were focused. This big console of the—demands and specs an interesting story, interesting single for a campaign and it’s been great experience that such a thing to get affordable. It also provides a very good grounding for the multiplayer. You learn all the skills that you are really going to need when you go out there against masters of Alien, Predator marine. You get a chance to go into death match, species death match and next species team play and we’ve got forum player cooperative multiplayer survivor. James: As a fan, you instantly recognize that the settings are very familiar characters you recognize with sounds. You hear an Alien hissing over your shoulder you turn around and then you're chomped. Martin: Today has been mostly about sneaking up on people and then biting them through head. Andy: Lots of killing, lots of self, and lots of games tales both for your chest from behind. James: Last time we played, we sound predator hunt, so we, it’s basically a bunch of marines, one guy gets speed a predator, take him out, then you become a predator, it’s kind of a little unfair because you got eight marines or seven marines on a predator chasing him down but of course he’s got a cloak and technologies so basically it a bunch of guys running around doing this, and they’re – from behind. Andy: The predators obviously take a bit more strategy, he’s got a lot of gadgets, you can cloak, you can jump around and you can generally be a bit more clever by your strategy. James: It’s a survival of the fittest you should be looking up your shoulder, you know your right there, a man there, okay. Martin The marine has to be very careful of things sneaking up behind him, because from the front, he’s got some machine guns, some shot guns, very sort of 180 degrees in the front is very impassable from behind. Again, like they—when they snuck up on their there, they’re usually decapitated. —you’ve got to be very, very careful. You have to be aware of the weaknesses of your character. Dave: The thing that made it fundamentally different and still does are the few species and everything came from that. James: Really as such as it being a strong game, it’s a strong cinematic experience and strong brand experience. Martin: It’s quite a scary game because a moments weakness will definitely expose you in ways that other games don’t really reach. James: You know talk to few people and the response is generally realizes, this is bleeping awesome. This is really good.