Alexandra on Her Cancer Treatment at Mayo Clinic
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Alexandra describes the many reasons she would recommend Mayo Clinic and Dr. Paul Magtibay to friends and family diagnosed with cancer.


Alexandra on Her Cancer Treatment at Mayo Clinic You know, I speak very highly of Mayo Clinic and especially Dr. Magtibay because he is known for doing very complex, very difficult surgeries and being very successful. And I think that most, a lot of the people that I have met, from going to Mayo Clinic so often, don’t live here in the valley. They come from out of town, and I think, you know, it’s in our backyard and we are very, very fortunate to have one of the top health facilities, not just in the United States, but in the world. I mean people come from Canada or from Europe to come here and seek treatment because of the Mayo Clinic’s seller reputation. But more importantly, how I feel about Dr. Magtibay – he is not just a surgeon. I mean he really cares about his patients. He cares about us women who are battling this disease, and he will go and speak at the wellness center and talk about cancer and what that means and what kind of treatment options are out there available for you and those kinds of things. So he is not just there just for formal surgery, he is really in the trenches with us. I mean, he completely understands the emotional side to it, especially for me, I am a mother and you look at your child and, you know, you don’t ever want your child to be that kid whose parent, mom dies of cancer. You don’t want that for your son or daughter. You just don’t. I mean, sometimes it’s unavoidable, but if you had your wish, you wouldn’t want that. So I encourage anyone of my friends, regardless if they have cancer or any other major illness, seek their advice first. Go to them. They are right there in your backyard. I will drive you. I will call for you. I would do whatever it takes to advocating on your behalf, but simply go to them. Also what I like about them is when I first got there. There was this pamphlet out at the front desk that said ‘advocate for yourself’. You know do not just take whatever your doctor says verbatim. Ask questions, and there’s a pamphlet there and it also has a page for notes and even gives you some questions to ask, which I thought that was amazing. You know, and another thing that I like about them that they are all so cohesive. If I have to see a vascular surgeon for my port, Dr. Magtibay, my other oncologist, they all know about it and they will call me at home; “How did that appointment go,” or “How are you feeling today? How is your son doing? How is the work going?” You know, it’s not just so much about the appointment, but it’s about me as a person, you know, that they know they are just here treating this one disease but it’s not my whole life, you know, it’s just a small part. So I just feel, I just thank God for them and I pray for them to continue to be strong, to continue what they are doing so they can help more people out there suffering and struggling, you know, like I am and the rest of his patients.