Ailing Russian Teen Gets Robot Help
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16-year-old Evgeny Demidov is doing well studying at school remotely, with some help from a small green robot. (April 30)


SHOTLIST:AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLYMoscow, Russia - April 12, 20121. Close up of robot in school class among school children2. Mid of the same, robot turning head around3. Close of robot head turning4. Mid of Diana Skripnik, mathematics teacher in Moscow school 166, writing on blackboard and speaking to children5. Mid of robot in class6. Mid of Evgeny Demidov working on laptop 7. Close up of Evgeny Demidov looking at laptop8. Close up of laptop screen showing school blackboard and Diana Skripnik writing on blackboard9. SOUNDBITE (English translation over Russian) Evgeny Demidov, student of 166 Moscow school:"I communicate, move around, walk along corridors. Generally speaking, everything is the same. The only difference is that I am at home and they are at school".10. Wide of robot moving out of classroom to corridor surrounded by school children (VIDEO starts over AUDIO in PREVIOUS SHOT 9)11. Mid of robot moving along corridor and ramming into door12. Various of laptop screen showing school children in class13. Mid of Evgeny Demidov seating behind laptop and navigating robot14. Laptop screen showing teacher writing15. SOUNDBITE (English translation over Russian) Ekaterina Karinina, school psychologist:"It is the same as a child being present at a school lesson, he can ask teacher questions and a teacher can ask him some questions to check how he understands a subject. So, of course, it is much better to study with the robot." Moscow - 16 April 201216. Mid of Vyacheslav Kravtsov, head of projects in R.Bot company, lifting robot's head separating it from robot's body and putting it on table, reverse shot17. Mid of Vyacheslav Kravtsov checking how robot turns its head18. Close up of robot turning its heard aroundSCRIPTIt's not exactly the kind of pupil you'd expect to see in class.Of course, the android isn't really studying on its own. The robot is the eyes and ears for a Russian teenager who has health problems preventing him from attending school.Evgeny Demidov's heart condition keeps him at home, but he says with the android's help, he now stays in close touch with what's going on at Moscow school 166.SOTthere IS the odd problem. Navigation can sometimes be difficult, and the robot has a limited field of vision.But overall linking to the robot's HD-camera, microphone and loudspeaker through the internet seems to be effective.As Demidov's radically improved grades illustrate, getting the immersion in the school experience can be a big boost for house-bound students...SOTthe machines are created by the Russian company The firm's head of projects says even though schools and hospitals are willing to use them when offered free on an experimental basis, authorities don't appear willing to pay the $4,000 price tag to buy one.(****END****)VIDEO PRODUCER/VOICER: Karen Sloan------------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP TELEVISION--------------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: Samira Becirovic------------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: AP CLIENTS ONLY----------------------------------WIRE SOURCE: AP TELEVISION------------------------------------