Aid for Displaced and Refugee Families in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan
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UNICEF Representative in Kyrgyzstan Jonathan Veitch discusses urgent efforts to deliver humanitarian supplies to children and families affected by ethnic violence.


Aid for Displaced and Refugee Families in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan Narrator: UNICEF representative Jonathan Veitch discusses the organization’s immediate response to the crisis in Kyrgyzstan and the challenges it faces in addressing the needs of those displaced due to the ethnic violence. Jonathan Veitch: We have put in some urgent humanitarian supplies. UNICEF is concentrating at the moment. The aircraft has just arrived here is full of medical supplies and water supplies and our sister agencies UN Aid of bringing food and shelter and so on. We haven’t done full needs assessment yet. And this will take some time because access to some of the affected populations is being quite difficult. The insecurities continued in some places and the load is getting better now. There are some packets of population that are still scared or have come together and not allowing people in. And we’re communicating with them now to see whether we can access those populations to determine exactly what the humanitarian needs are. It’s slowly improving everyday but it’s been very, very difficult to get accurate information. Narrator: That was Jonathan Veitch, the UNICEF representative in Kyrgyzstan. You’ve been watching UNICEF Television. For more information, log on to Unite for Children.