After prostate biopsy exam, how long should one wait to have the surgery?
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Description Dr. David B. Samadi M.D. and Dr. Simon Hall M.D. discuss prostate biopsy exam and addresses questions like is a prostate biopsy necessary and frequency of prostate biopsy. Post prostate biopsy pain is greatly reduced with robotic prostate surgery. To learm more about who is a candidate for robotic prostate surgery, what happens during prostate surgery, what to expect after a prostate biopsy, especially if you have been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer or ...


Dr. Simon Hall: How long should somebody wait after a biopsy, before proceeding to surgery? Dr. David B. Samadi: That's another very good point. Typically, I wait about four to six weeks, partly because of the inflammation that exists between the prostate and the rectum. You want all of that to heal so you won't be able to be fooled by getting into a wrong plane. So, six weeks is usually the time that I tell the patient to wait for all the inflammation from the prostate biopsy and some of the bleeding would resolve. We have a competent team at Mount Sinai, who would take care of the sexual function as well as the urinary continence that work closely with me, and it's really a privilege to have all of this in one setup, in order to be able to take care of our patients. Again, this is going to be archived and you will be able to review on your own. I would like to again take this opportunity you have -- so one of the final comments that I would like to make is, at Mount Sinai, what we have is the mini-fellowship for a lot of robotic surgeons that would like to come and visit. I certainly would welcome you. If you are starting the program and you would like to bring your DVDs and we can sit together and go through this fellowship. Obviously, no one will be doing the operation, as I mentioned before. It's all done under myself, but you can observe and we can review the surgery and the technique that we showed you and I will be happy to do this. All the information, as far as obtaining information, if you are newly diagnosed prostate cancer, if you would like to come and visit the robotic cystectomies and robotic prostatectomies, it would be a pleasure to have you. Dr. Simon Hall: So we have another question? Dr. David B. Samadi: Sure.