Advice on Dating a Friend's Sibling
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In this relationship video Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal give you advice on dating a friend's sibling and why that is not a good idea.


Tamsen: Hey everybody, Matt and Tamsen here. Today’s relate to date, is it a bad idea to date a best friend’s brother or sister? Matt: It’s a terrible idea. Guys talk about sex with each other, a lot of them, then what happens and how close you are with the cheek and what’s going on, and can you imagine talking about your sister with your best friend and the sex they had? Tamsen: No, I did it. I did it when I was in high school. I have a very good friend then when I starting to date her brother and we had a great—I mean it was actually a lot of fun. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that and now I’m actually a really good friends with my sister-in-law and I feel like were friends, so I don’t think— Matt: That’s after the fact. Tamsen: Okay, I agree, that one is after that but I don’t’ think there’s anything with that, I really don’t. I think—that thing really is kind of mature. I mean if we’re talking about you know that’s it’s too young it might be a little bit— Matt: Let me say something, you’ll never—changes that—then dynamic in that friendship between the two guys and the two women it doesn’t work because there’s— Tamsen: I like to see my brother with you know—if my brother wasn’t married I’d like to see him with a good friend of mine that I trust. Matt: What happened when you started— Tamsen: You can’t take sides. Matt: So yeah, let’s put everyone in that awkward position. Good idea. Tamsen: Alright, let’s us know what do you think, is it a bad idea to date a best friend’s brother or sister?