Advice for Someone in Mental Illness Recovery
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In this medical health video expert Patient John McManamy shares his best tips for individuals struggling toward mental illness recovery.


I emphasize the patients we should not have to settle for anything less than full recovery. This is actually now almost legislated in the American Psychiatric Association as a little sentence in their treatment guidelines that says the goal of treatment is full recovery. So any doctor who says oh, you have got to take this medication and be overmedicated to death; so if they are saying your bad lifestyle, gaining weight, being sluggish, having almost no cognition is a fair trade-off for reducing your symptoms that is not a fair exchange. The patients have to work with doctors and form a trusting relationship to work on the right treatments, the right therapies, right medications, right lifestyle, get the right support system. And even spiritual practice, get that ball into play and work on full recovery. That is what we ideal to and that's why I am writing for Health Central.