Advice for Parents with Diabetic Kids
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Sharon Schwarz gives her advice to parents of children with diabetes.


What advice would you give to parents? Sharon Schwarz: Advice for any parents would be yeah stay involved, stay involved with your children or diabetes even as they go through adolescence. You know adolescence or teenagers want to feel that they are completely independent on there own but really there going to need help with there diabetes and even if they feel like they’re completely independent and that they are ready for that I would that overall the family involvement is huge, that’s the biggest factor would be unsuccessful with managing diabetes is that the whole family would needs to be involve and more with whole family should be to help in exercise and do all this things to encourage the child and certainly set ground rules if you have a teenager with diabetes. you know drive in safety rules, we have the whole handout on checking blood sugars before you drive and just really for the families to reinforce that and to be a par to the diabetes with the child at every stage of development.