Advice For Mothers With Type 1 Diabetic Kids
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Pam shares advice for another mother with children who have type 1 diabetes.


You just have to staff up and do what you have to being contact with the school at a regular basis. I’ve talked to the principal, I wouldn’t have in my first day and I said I need to set a bit with the principal with the teacher and with the school nurse because it’s all that have to be aware of what the science are. I have gone through and filled up cards for the teacher themselves as well as the school nurse for like extra numbers to get a hold of me. I need free to be a little bit get hold of me in contact and also a card to give Science of when code starts to change you know like mood or Science to be aware of it if he’s having issues because he might not even pick up on himself. So you just have to go out there and just, you have to step up for your child no matter what. It’s a matter of life or death really unless if you don’t do it they can suffer the consequences later.