Advice for Female Drug Addicts
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Monica offers advice to women who are afraid to seek treatment for their drug addictions.


Advice for Female Drug Addicts If I was talking to a woman that was addicted to drugs, I would of course encourage her to get help. If she was reluctant to do that, basically your options are, when you are addicted to drugs is death or prison, and I mean there’s just… the addiction totally takes over your life. You become illegal; it can legally impact you; it spiritually impacts you; it also interferes with your relationships with, you know, your family and friends, if you are married, I mean, with your children. I mean, again, it breaks down your whole structure, and, you know, I just encourage women to speak their truth and really talk about what the pain is because when you are addicted it’s because there’s been some kind of hurt or abuse or pain, and that’s what so many women are afraid to talk about. There’s so much shame, you know, based around that, and there’s fear.