Advance Team of UN Monitors Active in Syria
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A small advance team of United Nations monitors was seeing demonstrations Thursday, and victims of violence in Syria who'd lost their homes. French officials were pushing for a bigger, better equipped team to be deployed. (April 19)


SHOTLIST:AMATEUR VIDEO - RELEASED BY A GROUP WHICH CALLS ITSELF THE SYRIAN MEDIA CENTRE - AP CLIENTS ONLY ++PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS NOT A RECOGNISED NEWSGATHERING ORGANISATION++++SHAAM NEWS NETWORK (SHAMSNN) IS A LOOSELY ORGANISED ANTI-ASSAD GROUP BASED IN AND OUT OF SYRIA WHICH POSTS VIDEO AND STILL IMAGES OF ANTI-GOVERNMENT PROTESTS ON THE INTERNET. THEY CLAIM THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY CONNECTION TO SYRIAN OPPOSITION PARTIES OR ANY OTHER STATES++ ++AP CANNOT INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY THE CONTENT, DATE, LOCATION OR AUTHENTICITY OF THIS MATERIAL++ SHAMSNN - AP CLIENTS ONLY Khirbet Ghazaleh, Daraa - 19 April 20121. Various of UN observers surrounded by anti-government protesters who are heard chanting (Arabic) "Allah Akbar" and "The people want the toppling of the regime"AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLYParis - 19 April 20122. Alain Juppe arriving for press conference 3. Cutaway of photographer4. SOUNDBITE (English translation over French) Alain Juppe, French foreign minister "We need at least 300, 400 observers for the whole country, that they are well-equipped, with a robust mission and the means to travel within the country. "AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLYDamascus - 19 Apr 20125. Mid of protesters in Damascus holding "Syria the Nation" political party flags and banners6. Wide of protesters during sit-in outside the Syrian finance ministry building 7. Mid pan of protesters holding banner reading (Arabic) "Some of them are greedy! And you come up short!" 8. Pull out from flags of Syria the Nation party to mid of sit-in AMATEUR VIDEO - RELEASED BY A GROUP WHICH CALLS ITSELF THE SYRIAN MEDIA CENTRE - AP CLIENTS ONLY Khalidiyeh, Homs - 19 Apr 20122. Wide of smoke filled skyline, AUDIO: explosion, pan to smoke rising up from buildingSHAMSNN - AP CLIENTS ONLY Jouret el-Shayah, Homs - 19 Apr 20123. Wide of large fire burning inside houseSHAMSNN - AP CLIENTS ONLY Bayada, Homs - 19 Apr 20124. Zoom in to smoke from explosion, pull out to wide of smoke coming from various locations across area SCRIPTA small advance team of UN observers was visiting the southern Syrian province of Daraa Thursday, where amateur video showed at least two of them greeted by a group of demonstrators chanting for the toppling of Bashar Assad's regime.Activists claimed that twice in the last two days Syrian troops opened fire in places where observers had visited. The French foreign minister was insisting that there needs to be more of them if they're to have a hope of curbing the bloodshed in the country....SOTDemonstrators belonging to a new Syrian political party were out in the streets of the capital Thursday. They don't want to confront the government -- they'd rather cooperate with it. But their complaints, about rising prices and other economic issues, could be an illustration of the fact that international sanctions against Syria ARE starting to bite. Neither that nor the ongoing violence seem to be budging Assad, though, and US policy appears to be starting to reflect the reality that he remains entrenched in power despite a 13-month-long uprising against him.(****END****)VIDEO PRODUCER/VOICER: Karen Sloan------------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: SHAMSNN/ AP TELEVISION/ THE SYRIAN MEDIA CENTRE--------------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: Neal Davies------------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: AP CLIENTS ONLY----------------------------------WIRE SOURCE: AP------------------------------------