Activity Toy Stuffing for Dogs
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Learn how to make homemade stuffed dog toys - Activity Toy Stuffing.


Hi, I’m Victoria Schade. I’m a certified pet dog trainer and the creator of the Puppy training DVD, new puppy, now what. Today, I’m going to show you how to stuff, an activity toy for your dog. Now, there are lots of options of activity toys. It doesn’t matter what kind of toy you choose. What’s important is, what you put inside. Now, the mistake that most people make is they take a dry bone like this and they just put it inside and assume that this is going to keep their dog busy. Not quite, it wouldn’t take very long to unpack this bad boy. So, you want to make sure to stuff a variety of interesting things into the activity toy for your dog. I have a bunch of examples here, things like cheese in a can, yogurt and believe it, or not, fruits and vegetables. They’re really great treats for dogs a healthy way to give your dog a treat. Cheese is a big favorite and then a variety f different dog treats including Oat cereal. Coming up next, the toy stuffing 101, making it easy for the–. The most basic type of stuffed toy you can make, it has peanut butter of course. So we’re going to start off with a nice big scoop of peanut butter and stick it all the way in the back. That’s not a very big scoop, we want more for our dog. The whole concept of an activity toy is to keep your dog constructively occupied. So while he’s chew toy, he’s not busy chewing up your shoes. So, we started off with some peanut butter in the back. Now, you can also add some Oat cereal like this. When you’re first teaching your dog to chew on a can, yu want to make sure it's easy for him in the beginning because if you pack it too tightly, he’s going to get frustrated and give. So, something like this oat cereal near the opening will give him an immediate pay off. So here’s your most basic stuff toy and a great way to keep your dog busy. Hope he like it.