Accused Teen's Neighbor Says No Hint of Violence
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A next door neighbor of 17-year-old T.J. Lane, the teen accused in the shooting at Chardon High School in Ohio Monday, says there were never any indications that Lane would act violently. (Feb. 29)


[Notes:CHARDON, OHIO. SOURCE: AP. 2/29/12][Notes:SOT: RUSS MILLER/NEIGHBOR OF T.J. LANE]Stunned. Never in my wildest dreams that this boy would ever did anything like this. This could have happened in a little community like this. Simple as that.Typical 17 year old. Easy going. I've known this boy since he was probably this high, 5, 6 years old. His grandparents have had custody of him over here. Been raising him. Comes from a good home environment over here. Jack and carol couldn't want better neighbors. Jack's 81. Carol's in her 70s. They're raising their 3 grandkids. They gave up their retirement to see that these grandkids were raised.He'd been having trouble up here at the local chardon high school. I guess about a year and a half ago and I guess the school contacted his grandparents, jack and carol and the counselor and what not. They got him enrolled in a program at an academy for kids that are failing in school or having just problems trying to get through school. He went from flunking out, from what I understand, to almost a straight a student with honors and he was going to graduate a year early. Go figure.Q? What do you make of it? A: I still. Nightmare that's never going to end. Have no idea. He's helped me around my house. We're all live here, have 2, 3, 4 acre lots. This is out in the country. This out in the township, this isn't in the city of chardon. Always had a smile on his face. Easy going kid. Seen him out in the summer time. Never seen him running the streets in chardon. Couple times i've seen him up in walmart. He never roade anywhere. If he went in a vehicle, yeah, but he never rode a bicycle anywhere. He always walked. I guess the best way to describe that is he was kind of a health conscious kid. You'd see him outside working out all the time. Doing exercises. My heart goes out to the families who lost kids because their life will never be the same. There's vicitms all around and I feel sorry for his grandparents on both sides. I feel sorry for this boy. What he's brought on himself. (****END****) VIDEO PRODUCER: MATT FRIEDMAN---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP