ABC Kids Expo: Baby Strollers
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Baby strollers are one of the most important items parents will buy. In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy travels to the ABC Kids Expo to get a first look at the newly relaunched line of strollers from Britax. Kate from Britax demonstrates two different stroller lines. The B-Ready stroller works as both a single and double stroller and can also be used as a travel system. It holds both an infant car seat and bassinet.


ABC Kids Expo: Baby Strollers Daddy Troy: Hey welcome back to DadLabs. We’re at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. I'm with Kate of Britax. They’d just re-launched their whole product line and she's going to tell us all about it. Kate: Great. What we have in front of us here is our new B-ready stroller. It comes out of the box as a single and you can actually see right here where the second seat is attached. It can be a single or double and what I'm going to demonstrate for you right now is to show you how it can be a travel system with the infinite car seat or be use with the bassinet. You can take the top seat off very, very easily. It just comes right out of the adaptor. Daddy Troy: Well, super easy. Kate: And the chaperone seat has an adaptor in it that actually comes with the stroller. So, all of our strollers have the adaptors. You just pop them right into the chaperone. The beautiful thing about this is that you don’t have to take them off when you're in the car. They fit right over the outside of the base. But most of the time with the travel system, you’ll be looking right down in the child. But see how easy it was. You just click right in the same position as the stroller seat. And then you have the second seat down below you. Right for that parent too or I should say parent who have one child and then decide two years later, they want to add to their family. So you buy the stroller as a single, two years later. All of you’ve got to do is buy the seat. You don’t need to buy a whole new stroller. I'm going to show you how the bassinet fits in. now the bassinet would only have the option of facing you because it’s a little bit wider on the top area. But as you can see, now we have a bassinet stroller. The last thing I want to show you is the fact that it can fold with two seats on. So we’re going to pop it right back in. it just drops right in. Daddy Troy: A piece of cake. Kate: And we like to forward face the seat when we fold it, so it just pops back in. And then, I just take a step back after I pulled up on the lever and there's a chassis lock on the side. So it locks on its own. I can walk away from the stroller. One last thing I want to show you when I'm trying to make this a little bit more narrow is the fact that the wheels come off super easy. Daddy Troy: The wheels are just coming right off. Wow. Kate: It’s very tech-friendly. Daddy Troy: Yeah. Kate: You can take the stroller apart in seconds and then put it back together. Daddy Troy: It’s got more features than my car. It’s great. Kate: Yeah. Now you're familiar with our car seat line if it’s a convertible. Daddy Troy: Yeah. Kate: Check out this. This is very similar to our boulevard system, where the harness system can move up and down with just a knob the system. This one is just a lever in the back and so when you turn it around, you can see the harness moving up and out super easy. And this is just a prove that our car seat engineers are working with our stroller engineers and giving them a little bit of feedback on what moms and dads like out there with our seats. And you can make it crossover into the stroller. Daddy Troy: It makes a big difference into parents so that’s great. Kate: This is the new B-nimble, umbrella fold stroller that can also be use as a travel system. So it’s a big mouthful, but it’s a stroller that does a lot is what I'm trying to get at. It’s pretty cool. It actually comes with adaptors that can be use with our chaperone infant car seat. It makes it so much easier. I keep telling everybody that’s at the show how -- it’s a great stroller for that New York City mom or dad who's getting off the subway. And realizes they have these huge set of stairs that they have to now get up with baby and stroller and a handful of bags. So I'm going to actually demonstrate how that can be done. Pop the infant car seat in, so now I'm walking over to the stairs. I've got my bags in my hand. It’s a travel system, but it’s a lightweight travel system. Now I realized I have to get all with the stairs. I've got to take baby out of the stroller, so I'm going to set my baby down right in front of me because I don’t want it to go anywhere. And pop these adaptors down and see how easy they just move into the downward position. And then when I fold it, it’s very similar to a lot of the other umbrella fold strollers out there. I have a little -- I don’t know if you can see it back there, a little strap that you just pull up on. It’s a carry strap. It just unlocks the stroller, kick down and again, it has an automatic chassis lock. Daddy Troy: Over the shoulder. Kate: So now I have my hands free for the bag and I can carry my baby up. Daddy Troy: And walk up the stairs, yeah. Kate: And we both go up the stairs together. Daddy Troy: That’s great. Kate: Now if you buy this for your first child, typical umbrella fold strollers are the ones that you use the most, I believe anyway. They get dirty. This one has what we call a liner program that will become an accessory to the stroller. So if you want to switch out and change colors, get a new liner every now again or just take this liner off and throw it in the washing machine. Daddy Troy: Hey, thank you so much. I've always love the Britax brand. They do a lot of research and really amazing engineering quality construction. You guys really launched your whole product. It’s exciting time for you guys. I really appreciate your showing us everything. Kate: Absolutely. Thank you so much for coming in our booth, Troy.