A Weekend in San Diego
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Learn about San Diego attractions with California travel expert Veronica Hill of CaliforniaTravelExpert.com. Visit the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park and meet the dolphins in Sea World San Diego.


South Pacific Broadway Musical - NYC, New York Luca Cain: Welcome to Lincoln Center. I’m Luca Cain and I play Jerome in South Pacific. These are my friends. Female: I’m Little Fin and I play Ngana, Jerome’s sister. Male: I’m Timber and I play Bloody Mary’s assistant and I am there under the sky. I would like you to go backstage and show you what we do. Come on, guys. Male: The show is mostly about this planter who was married to this Holonisian woman and she died. A few years later, he met this other women. He finds out that she was married and he feels that he can’t be with him. And near the end, he realizes how foolish he’s been so she comes back. All This is our stage. Female: My favorite part of the show would be when we first run out because I love to run and just fell fun to just open the show. Male: My favorite part is honey bun because Bill gets to run out and it’s very funny because she’s supposed to be a woman. And it’s not that pretty. We all know the dance, so we want to show it to you. [Demonstration] Male: My favorite piece is set paint catch. I really, really like it because it’s like for everything, it changes color which I think is really cool. Female: Is this the plain? I like the plain because it’s so vague and it looks so real, but it has to have a plain and then they only have to light up. And it’s all wood and still. Female: My favorite part is the sanding. I like it because you can run. And I kind of like running a lot. It’s actually not on the ground. It ends and it’s kind of high, so you don’t want to fall in. You probably would break a bone or something. Female: This is my side. I love 13. These are my dogs. Here is ranking all the costumes. This is my islander costume. This is my laughing dress, my second team dress and me in my first kiss. Male: Here’s my islander necklace which I wear as I run across. Male: This is my dressing room. We have to fill most. We watch DVDs. We also play games. Also put pictures on my walls. Male: This is where we eat and we hang out here sometimes. Thank you for coming Male: Thank you. Male: I hope you enjoyed our little tour. Children: Come see the show. [Demostration]