A Walking Tour of Evansville, Indiana
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Explore Kiplinger's reader's choice as Best City, Evansville, with its river walking, family fun, and low housing prices.


Explore Evansville, Indiana Hi this is Cameron Huddleston of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance; welcome to Evansville in Indiana our reader’s choice for best city. You’ll be surprised how much this city on the banks of the Ohio River has to offer. It’s big as tourist attraction as casino Aztar on the river. Nearby you’ll find a district, the cities newest hot spot with bars, restaurants and the trendy Le Merigot Hotel and blush lounge but many Evansville residents will tell you what makes their city special is that it’s a great place for families. Nothing epidimizes this more than buzzy field where people of all ages come together to cheer on the cities minor league baseball team. The Evansville Otters not only is it the nations 3rd oldest ball Park but also it’s where the league of their own was built. If you have kids you don’t want to miss the Cook family children’s museum of Evansville or Cemo, downtown of this street in the old central library building. My daughter Miles loved all the inter active exhibits. Then after you are the one’s workout an appetite and down the street till Lakes Deli and Evansville’s favorite for it’s sandwiches and ice cream or walk down Brick Pave Main street. We will find plenty of restaurants as well as bars, shops and cool off departments that are being built in buildings that have been baked for years. All of downtown is been undergoing your revitalization for example the beautiful victory theater stood empty for years until it recently was renovated and became home to the Evansville Philharmonic orchestra. The city also is trying to revamp some of it’s older neighborhoods but one greedy part of town is now Hanes Arts District. For several galleries of open in the past year an artist are allowed to sell work from their homes. I stopped at some of the fun and funky galleries when they were open lake for first Saturday’s in the Art District. Not far away is the cities Pigeon Creek Greenway on the river front. This pedestrian and bicycle trail runs the link of downtown but it will be about 42 miles and encircle the entire city when it’s completed. Head over to the west side of Tennessee the new $15 million Amazonian Exhibit in Mesco Park Zoo in Botanic Gardens or time your visit to catch one of the cities 15 festivals. This is the week on West side Net club fall festival. As for home prices in Evansville you can’t beat them. You can buy new houses for less than $200.00 but this 3650 foot square house in the cities historic district is practically of steel. It’s just a $172900.00. This has been Cameron Huddleston of Kiplinger’s, thanks for joining me on the tour of Evansville.