A Thankful Theresa Spence Urges First Nations Unity
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Theresa Spence emerged from hospital Thursday after her six-week hunger protest thanking family, friends and supporters.


Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence emerged from hospital Thursday to sign the First Nations declaration that ended her hunger protest after six long weeks — a period during which Stephen Harper barely uttered her name.Indeed, for a crisis that just two weeks ago had the prime minister squarely at its centre, it seemed a weary and chaotic finale, one largely devoid of anti-Harper vitriol.The Cree leader, who hadn't had solid food since Dec. 11, spent most of the day recovering in hospital, only to show up unannounced at a celebration that brought First Nations chiefs from across the country.A chanting, drumming crowd greeted her at a downtown Ottawa hotel, where she thanked family, friends and supporters for their backing during the six chilly weeks she spent on Victoria Island, just upstream from Parliament Hill.