A School Day in Ohio Brings Shootings, Death
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A teenager opened fire in the cafeteria of an Ohio high school, killing one student and wounding four others before he was captured a short distance away, authorities said. (Feb. 28)


[Location - Date:CHARDON, OHIO - FEB 27, 2012][Source:WEWS][VO:]HOURS AFTER A DEADLY SHOOTING AT A NEARBY HIGH SCHOOL --A COMMUNITY COMES TOGETHER A CHURCH IN CHARDON (shar-din), OHIO. [SOT/:Tabitha Johnson/Lives in Chardon][Source:WEWS]("I can only imagine what these kids are going through but that's why I'm hear tonight.")[Source:AP]EARLIER MONDAY -- POLICE SAY A TEENAGER OPENED FIRE IN THE CAFETERIA -- KILLING ONE STUDENT AND WOUNDING FOUR OTHERS. [SOT/:Nick Rebra/Chardon H.S. Student][Source:WEWS]("I didn't just heard gunshots. I didn't see anything. I ran away. I tried to get safe.")[Source:AP]A STUDENT WHO SAW THE ATTACK SAYS IT APPEARED THE ALLEGED GUNMAN TARGETED A GROUP OF STUDENTS WHO WERE SITTING TOGETHER.[SOT/:Zach Weiland/Chardon H.S. Student][Source:WEWS]("I was in one of the classrooms and one of the kids that got shot got dragged into my room our teacher as over there helping him.")OFFICIALS SAY THE SUSPECTED SHOOTER GOES TO A NEARBY ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL --WHICH STUDENTS MAY BE REFERRED TO FOR ACADEMIC OR BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS.FRIENDS SAW HIM JUST MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOOTING.[SOT/:Lexi Joy/Chardon H.S. Freshman][Source:WEWS]("He didn't seem any different. He seemed just like he'd be on a normal day. He didn't show any expression on his face.")[Source:AP]AS WORD OF A GUNMAN SPREAD -- THE SCHOOL WENT INTO A LOCKDOWN.[SOT/:NO NAME GIVEN]("Everybody is in their classrooms with the doors locked. Kept in the back of the room and we can't talk or do anything. Were you allowed to use cell phones? Yes because we needed to call parents.")[Source:WEWS]A TEACHER CHASED THE SUSPECT FROM THE BUILDING -- AND HE WAS ARRESTED NEAR HIS CAR A HALF-MILE AWAY.F-B-I OFFICIALS WOULD NOT COMMENT ON A MOTIVE.A CANDLE LIGHT VIGIL WAS HELD MONDAY FOR THE SLAIN STUDENT.DANIEL PARMERTOR (par-mehr-tore) WAS WAITING IN THE CAFETERIA FOR THE BUS TO A VOCATIONAL SCHOOL.[SOT/:Harold Norsic/Chardon H.S. Junior][Source:WEWS]("I accepted it happend but it hasn't hit me yet... like the full impact. Like what it's going to be like after this. I'm still trying to plan my next move with this thing .. you know mentally.")THE CHARDON SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT SAYS CLASSES WILL BE CANCELLED TUESDAY --AND GRIEF COUNSELORS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS AND FAMILIES.____ _____, ASSOCIATED PRESS.(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------- VIDEO PRODUCER: BOB MCCALL ---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP, WEWS -----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: BOB MCCALL ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: COURTESY WEWS, EMBARGO CLEVELAND----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): CLEVELAND--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE:o0211BC-US--School Shooting-Ohio, 1st Ld-Writethru