A Look at LeapFrog's Educational Toys
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We check out some educational and fun toys for your infants and toddlers that will be sure to please and teach them.


Rebecca: Get 2 for the price of 1 this holiday season by giving your child a toy that is also educational. Hi I'm Rebecca Brayton and welcome to watchmojo.com. And today we’ll be seeing this year’s educational toys just in time to put under the tree. In terms of toys, what stimulates an infant versus a toddler? Anne: An infant, you will see that the toys are more focused on colors, music versus toddler, they’re going to be more focused on the alphabet or even like reading. Rebecca: How do you shop for toys? Anne: Gather as much information as you can. As other parents, what they have, look at catalogs, consumer books, look at website reviews. Rebecca: Is there anything else that you can do to encourage your child’s learning in process besides giving them educational toys? Anne: Be engaged, play with them. Read with them. Read to them. Set little areas where they can just feel like comfortable that they want to read books. So here are some great ideas for this holiday season. We launched last year the number 1 best selling system, Tag. It’s appropriate for children age 4-8. This pen, this reader reads books. Your child is going to touch the book page by page, word by word, touch the characters on the book. And all of a sudden they’ll all going to be talking. This Tag has a library of 30 books available featuring the children’s favorite characters such as cars, ox, towers, we have Ben Ten. I mean many books available. With this huge success we received with Tag, we decided this year to launch our new Tag Junior. It comes with a board book. So only appropriate for children 2-4 and just place by just touching the pages with this little book explorer touching it. So you have more than 10 books available with Tag Junior as with characters such as Winnie the Pooh, the Back Cardigans, Dora, all the favorite characters of the children. Also this year, what is fun and also educational is our new Text and Learn. Not all parents have a Blackberry. And what kids want to do is text and irritate their parents. This little Text and Learn send emails to your child and your child can also respond a little email. It teaches the alphabet. They have songs. I mean many, many educational content into that fun toy.