A Linux Distro Specifically For Kids
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Comprehensive advice on your computer and software problems and questions, this video will focus on a Linux distro specifically for kids.


Carrie Webb: Richard says; my brothers and sisters keep breaking things in XP, so I’m fed up of fixing it. So I’m looking for a Linux Distribution that is lightweight, got 192 megabytes of RAM. Robbie Ferguson: Yeah, okay. Good reading. Carrie Webb: But—well thank you—but built especially for kids. Robbie Ferguson: Okay, so you’re looking for a Linux alternative. Carrie Webb: Yes, something lightweight. Robbie Ferguson: Something lightweight because it’s only got a 192 megabytes of RAM. So, the only one that I know off, now Linspire used to one that was kind of designed up for kids and it looked kind of pretty but as you probably know Linspires, you do not want to go there. So, Foresight Linux is the only one that I know off right now that has a good working kids version of their operating system that is, let’s just see, foresightlinux.org and you can find the kids version and this is just going to give you a nice, sweet, like tux paint, different software and it’s got you know, skinned. It’s the GNOME environment but its skin for kids to be able to get easy access. This is actually designed for kids so, you might want to check that out, it’s foresightlinux.org and we can make a look at it on a the future show but let me know if that is kind of what you are looking for.