A Heart Defect Patient Reaction to Her Diagnosis
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Divya recalls her reaction to her heart defect diagnosis and explains if she knew it was better to have a heart valve repaired than replaced.


A Heart Defect Patient Reaction to Her Diagnosis It was like the first reaction was, it can’t be me. It doesn’t happen to me; it happens to, I’ve heard of people having it, but it cannot be with me. You know, in a manner it almost felt like, oh Lord, I am so special that I have all this, you know, because never in my wildest dreams that I think that I would have a heart problem. So those were exactly the thoughts, and the second was anxiety. Obviously, you know, how does it impact my life? How does it impact the people who are impacted by my presence? Yeah, those would be the two reactions. Yes, of course, they had told me this that if you have a valve replaced, you might need to get it replaced every seven years, and it needs to be monitored very closely because it’s an outside object which they put into your system. But if they repair your valve, then it’s basically your body healing itself. And because I had a valve repaired, vis-à-vis valve replacement, I think I got back to normal life much more quickly.