A Great Way to Book Holidays on the Internet
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Comprehensive tech news and reviews from GetConnectedMedia. This video focuses on a great and interesting way to book holidays on the internet.


A Great Way to Book Holidays on the Internet Well the internet sure has been handy for business travelers especially finding hotel rooms. You can go up to a number of different sites and get ratings to see which ones that are better and which ones are worst. Well, what if taken that to the next level in finding out which are the best rooms inside that hotel. Come across and interesting site called TripKick at TripKick.com and you can actually search through your hotel database. And like I said, find out which rooms are like non-smoking, have better views, or smaller or larger. Let me give you an example. I type in for example the W in Seattle. So we've come up with, presto this thing—. And as I go down here, then it's going to tell me things about the different floors, corner and oversized rooms and even rooms with great bathrooms for that matter of rooms with views. And this is great because now you can actually print this out. And when you're checking in, you make sure that you do get the best hotel rooms. It's called TripKick.com a great way to make sure that you don’t only get a great hotel, but a great view as well.