A Beginner's Guide to Ubuntu - #8 - Playing Games on Ubuntu
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In addition to having software for work, Ubuntu also comes with software to play. There are a range of games for children of all age. Aome are already installed and, as with everything Ubuntu, they're free.


Hi! This is Mike Callahan, Dr. File Finder and welcome to part eight of our special butterscotch.com 10 part series on Ubuntu. Now on this segment, we’re going to take a brief look at games.com with Ubuntu. You can see here, there's quite a selection, solitaire, black jack, chess, several puzzle type games like five or more, four in a row, free cell solitaire, mahjong, a very popular Windows game mines. There is another one called “robots”, sodoku, a tetra’s variation called “tetravex”. You can see that you have a large selection of games that come right with Ubuntu. And as with all the other software that comes on Ubuntu, they are open source. They’re free. They are frequently updated. And they are already installed when you install Ubuntu either in a virtual machine or on your computer. As far as running Windows games under Ubuntu, we’ll cover that in the next segment. Lots of games available for Ubuntu, these are just a sampling of the ones that come with it. So, these are games in Ubuntu and that concludes part eight.