A Beginner's Guide to Safe Surfing for Children
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Another option in addition to control programs, Content Advisor, and the like, is to use things like the Safe Searching option provided by Google. This insures that searches won't return unwanted content. You can also use sites that are specifically designed for children and families.


Hi! This is Mike Callahan, Dr. File Finder. Welcome to part five of our special buttescotch.com 10-part series on Safe Surfing. Now in this segment, we’re going to look at how you can help protect your children by giving them safe searching and we’ll start with Google. I’ve got Google opened here and Google Chrome and we’ll go down and click on preferences. You can see here you can pick the Interface Language that you want, the Search Language, you scroll down, you’ll see that we get to Safe Search Filtering. And Google Safe Search blocks web pages containing the explicit sexual content from appearing in search results. Now, I believe that default is to use moderate filtering but you can change it to use strict filtering to filter both explicit text and images. And you’ve done that click save preferences, we’ll say okay, now we’re back. We’ll do a search on Tucows and what I want you to see is that here it shows you have so many results for tucow with safe search on. So, that’s one way for you to know that safe search is still active and still on. Now, other ways that you can provide your children with safe searching is to go to sites that are built that way, Yahoo kids is a great site for children. All of the things here have been looked over and scanned and we know that they are safe. And I’m including the links for these sites in the show notes. Another one is the Family Source; they have 955 thousand plus family safe web pages so you can set these as your homepages for your children to use for searching. And another one is Ask Kids brought to you by the folks that bring you Ask Jeeves and so on. You can have the school house movies, games, video, and images and so on. So, there are lots of ways to make it easier for your children to be able to surf safely and search safely on the internet and that concludes part five.