$500 Outdoor Upgrades
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John Gidding offers advice on updating an outdoor space for $500.


$500 is actually a lot of money to do something for a curb appeal. I always recommend painting a container garden which is basically a whole bunch of pots filled with a whole bunch of flowers to add light, character and warmth to any house. Now the best way to do it is to get a whole bunch of different size and shapes of pots and keep in mind, the larger they are, the more soil they’ll hold and the more moisture they’ll hold so you won't have to water quite as much. After that, it’s as simple as planting. Pick up nice variety of colors and layer them, put the tall ones in the back and the short plants in the front and then place them all around your house, on your porch, on the front yard, they’ll add warmth and character to your house and they’ll make it a lot more welcoming as well.