5-Organ Transplant Patient Becomes a Mother
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A woman from Qatar who received five organ transplants has now become a mother. Fatema Al Ansari is the first person known to give birth after having this many organs transplanted. (March 14)


SHOTLIST:AP VIDEO Miami - March 13 20131. Baby in stroller with pan to mother Fatema Al Ansari2. Baby in stroller with pan to parents3. Baby in stroller waking up4. SOUNDBITE (English/through interpreter) Fatema Al Ansari:"Thanks God. It's a hard feeling to express. It's the best feeling in the world."5. SOUNDBITE (English) Dr. Salih Y. Yasin with University of Miami"This is the first case, to our knowledge, we are not aware of any. There are one or two cases in Europe that had two organs but not five."6. Baby in Al Ansari's hands7. SOUNDBITE (English) Dr. Yasin"To have an adult going through multivisceral transplant and make it to the degree that she is healthy enough to consider having babies is a miracle by itself."8. Baby in stroller with parents9. SOUNDBITE (English) Al Ansari through interpreter:"Hopefully they are in good hands here, and hopefully they come back to…do it again."AP TELEVISION - AP CLIENTS ONLYSTORYLINE:MIAMI (AP) - Miami doctors say they believe a five-organ transplant patient is the first to deliver a baby, making her the first reported case in the world. Fatema Al Ansari was 19 and living in Qatar when she was diagnosed with a blood clot in a major vein to the intestine. In 2007, she underwent surgery at Jackson Memorial hospital in Miami and was given a new liver, pancreas, stomach and small and large intestine. Five years later, she gave birth to a girl. Al Ansari faced some complications during pregnancy, but her doctors say she is capable of having more children. Al Ansari says it's "the best feeling in the world" to be a mother. Her doctors add there are no reported cases of a five-organ transplant patient in the world giving birth.(****END****)