300 Bowl iPhone App Review
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Download the 300 Bowl iPhone app to play a game of virtual bowling by yourself or against an opponent. This virtual bowling game puts you in your own private lane and gives you the chance to play 10 strings by yourself, against the computer, or even with a friend. Review of 300 Bowl by AppVee.com - the definitive source of iPhone app reviews .


“300 Bowl” is a bowling simulator for the iPhone that allows you to play games against yourself, the computer or another player. Basically, what you do is you hold your finger down before the arrows and you can throw the ball either straight or curve it or even add a spin to it and send it right down that lane. Now, it is kind of enjoyable. It is very confusing while they have decided not use an accelerometer-type of play for this. Even, there is just an option that you can switch into especially with the fact that all the golf games and other games like that do have an option, but it is still kind of fun just like a lot of other bowling games. It is very easy to get into the rhythm and actually figure out how to always get the strike or the spare. So after a short period of time, you will probably be able to master playing the game, but it is still enjoyable. “300 Bowl” is not WiFi compatible so you are not going to be playing online. You will be passing the game back and forth between you and your friends. But if you like bowling, definitely check this app out.