3 Tips For Online Dating Beginners
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Dating Expert Dr. Diana Kirschner offers beginners three tips for online dating.


Hi, this is Dr. Diana Kirschner with Ask YourTango, answering your dating and relationship questions. Today’s question is from Qverb, “What are some online dating don’ts? What are some red flags to look for on a profile?” Well the very first thing you want to look for is to look for someone who doesn’t put much of anything into it. The picture is fuzzy, you know, it’s not good. There's no picture. There's hardly anything written there. This is someone who’s not going to put time and attention to their dating life. Chances are they're not going to put time and attention into you. And obviously, look for words that go along with what you're looking for. If you're looking for a lasting relationship, look for those kinds of words. Don’t look for a party animal. You know that kind of thing. Make sure it’s in alignment with what you are looking for. And finally, be very careful with someone who says that they fall in love with someone at first sight. They're very quick to fall in love. They're very, very quick. Because those are usually pretty crazy people because they love you and then they hate you. This is Dr. Diana Kirschner for yourtango.com. Got a question you want answer, go to yourtango.com/questions.