3 Reasons Obama's Education Vision Deserves an F
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President Barack Obama is making his bid to be the education president. At the start of NBCS recent Education Nation summit in New York, Obama appeared on the Today Show and touted what he claimed were awide-ranging set of reforms to improve Americas K-12 schools.Yet Obamas education vision deserves an F for at least three reasons


Barack: If we’re serious about building a stronger economy and making sure we succeed in the twenty first century then the single most important step we can take is to make sure that every young person gets the best education possible. Nick: President Barack Obama is making a big play to be the education president but his vision for changing patriotic well schools deserves an F for at least three reasons. Obama might say that money alone won’t fix what else or schools but its main fix is simply funneling more money into a broken system. Over the past forty years poor people spending in inflation adjusted dollars has more than double while results have stayed flat at best. Obama is following suit, he brags constantly about his raise for the top initiative which push states to compete for four billion dollars in new funds. But he’s already pushed over eighty billion dollars and stimulus money to maintain the educational status quo. In fact the vast majority of job is the government takes credit for saving or creating worn education, its not reform, its inertia. Candidate Obama pledged to try any school format worked, it is very first education related action as president was to help kill a wildly popular and successful school voucher program in DC. The program let a few thousand low income residence exercise the same choice Obama made in sending his daughter’s to an elite private school in DC. It’s a pipe dream to think that Obama is going to do anything to buck the two major teachers unions whose millions of members overwhelmingly supported Obama and give ninety five percent of their campaign contributions to democrats. The largest teachers union, the National Education Association, spends more on campaign contribution than ExxonMobil, Microsoft, Wal-Mart and the AFL CIO combined, which might explain why the center piece of Obama’s reformed plan is a higher ten thousand new teachers, despite the fact that there are already more teachers per student than ever. Reforming education may not be politically used but it is simple give parents and student more choices when it comes to selecting and exiting all sorts of school. It works for restaurants, grocery stores, colleges, there’s no reason to believe that wouldn’t work wonders for K-12 education and sadly there’s no reason to believe Obama will embrace that kind of change. For Reason TV, I’m Nick Gillespie.