2010 Sir Isaac Training Shoe Preview
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Competitor.com’s Sean McKeon got a sneak peak at the new 2010 running shoe line from Newton. This relatively new running shoe brand will come out with a new shoe called the Sir Isaac that will help gradually get you used to the “action/reaction” technology that Newton is known for.


Sean: This is Sean Mckeon here again at the Running Event and I’m caught up with Danny Abshire from Newton Running based out of Boulder, Colorado and thanks for coming over and giving us a little preview of what you guys have coming out. Danny: Yeah I know several people know about Newton Running and we’re getting a little more popular mainly 2-1/2 years in business but we do have the action reaction technology which is based in the forefoot in both absorb shock and returns energy simultaneously so its more like barefoot running but with protection on concrete and asphalt. Sean: Cool very nice so you have a couple of shoes here. Danny: Right yeah I’ll just do a quick one Craig Alexander two time iron man world champion uses our stability racer incorporates the stability all the way to the forefoot and then our action reaction technology which absorbs that shock and return energy. Our newest shoe is and of course Craig’s is a supper efficient runner you can tell by his size real forward nice lean light touch and lift and that’s what its all about instead of using some muscle power. Touch slight and lift and get your body to be pulled forward to gravity as opposed that’s why it’s new. Sean: Of course. Danny: But this is a shoe that we’re building that allows people to transition the running form. A lot of people have had problems with heel striking and that’s a real breaking force and then they roll through and they have to push off with a lot of energy which causes a lot of injury. Sean: Right. Danny: So what we try to do is minimize that energy output so that Isaac is our latest series we double the toe and the heel and we’ve widened the forefoot technology and the legs are little more tapered so unlike our performance series it’s a lot easier to get used to and transition off hill strike but they both have this very low profile you know 5 mm drop from heel to forefoot. Even racing flats are 10 mil drop 20 to 10 so we’re half of that even In our trainers so it’s the Isaac and the Lady Isaac Series. Sean: Very nice so that’s going to be sort of for people that maybe shied away from the original series because maybe their award isn’t a bit too much of a transition got past now you have some that’s going to give them a little bit of ease in to the world of running. Danny: That’s exactly right you know we in such a small company we had to come out with a very high performance to we got several world records even Josh Cox said United States in the 50 km 5.4 minutes last January and Craig Alexander tends to come from behind I thin he came from behind over 12 minutes in Hawaii to win as well so we had to come out with performance of people knew that we had a real deal. We have 13 world patents and security technology its very simple but its very complex at the same time and its about communication with the ground so if you can feel the ground—you have less friction then you can get of the ground faster and with less impact. Sean: That is no gauged in the finish line faster. Danny: Exactly, exactly. Sean: Cool Danny thanks very much for joining us. Danny: Thank you so much. Sean: Cool.