2010 Pearl Izumi Running Trainers Preview
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Competitor.com's Sean McKeon got a first hand look at a new collection of shoes from Pearl Izumi. In 2010 Pearl will introduce the SyncroFuel Road in both a road trainer and trail version. Take a look at what makes these new shoes something to look for in 2010!


Sean: I’m Sean McKeon with competitor.com here at the running event and checking on another shoe brand. We’ve got Pearl Izumi. We got Michael from Pearl Izumi thanks for coming over. Michael: Yeah thank you. Sean: Cool so we’re going to again we’re going to look a little bit into the future and we’re going to see some stuff from Pearl Izumi for 2010. Michael: Yeah we’ve got a couple of exciting products for 2010. We introduce two new shoes in a neutral performance plus category the Fuel Road and the Fuel XE and we really came out with the idea of these shoes out of a need and we’ve had in the past a neutral cushioning shoe that perform a great for race but we needed a shoe that gave you a touch of stability and a great training shoe Monday’s through Friday and that’s kind of where these shoes were born out off. And the technology behind the shoe is pretty awesome. We’ve got our – technology and that’s a TPU component that’s on the medial side of this shoe that acts as a great stability mechanism and offers a great cushioning. In the 4 footage shoe we offer a patent skydex technology and that’s a 2 opposing hemispheres that work in conjunction with each other. They provide great cushioning and shock continuation in the forefront and all this can do a 10-1/2 ounce packet so we offer the Fuel Road with mode and rubber in the forefoot, cotton rubber in the rear foot and TPU shank and new foot stability and upper that looks a lot faster than racer than we’ve ever done to be and on the trail side of things we do the Fuel XE and this is a fuel 100% carbon outsole and TPU shank again but a much more aggressive also we’ve done that are typical race shoe. Sean: Right. Michael: I little graphics bigger logos and opportunity to really give you a great midfoot fit but bring the bill in your forefoot weight. Sean: And then the upper is this seamless. Michael: Yeah. We really hang our hat on that and seamless is something that is consistent in all of our designs right away and its very clean we look to our shoes very distinguishable in a while with a lot of shoes that are found over ladies and you know it something that gives us a very distinctive look and it’s a great step in field there’s no seams or irritation spots. Sean: Right. Michael: We step in so anyone whose got any foot abnormalities really draw to our shoes. Sean: Very cool well thanks very much. Michael: I appreciate you having me. Sean: We look forward to see stuff in 2010 and see more from Pearl Izumi thank you so much. Michael: Thanks.