2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track Car Review
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Hyundai fires a warning shot aimed at, well, everyone, as we review the 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track.


2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track Hyundai has now completed that journey from crap car of the '80s and early '90s to a serious player that will make you drool. Let's drive the main evidence of this, the Genesis Coupe 3.8 and check the tech. Now the first surprising is that display. That display is not your typical color LCD you’d see in a high trim car, it is a gray scale LCD and rather rudimentary. This tells us we don’t have a navigation system in this car. In fact there's no nav package currently listed for this vehicle and you go and configure one. That’s a little odd in this day and age for a car that purports to be kind of cutting edge in the latest of many other technologies but so be it, let’s see what we’ve got. A lot of branding across the bezel right here tells the story. First of all, it's Infinity branded sound and it sounds very good. It's not the worst or the best system we've ever heard but it's definitely in the better region. Bluetooth hands free as you can see, XM Satellite Radio is also part of our AM and FM assortment. No HD radio on this car, by the way. You've got a six-disc internal changer right here, which will gobble up audio CDs, MP3 as well, not DVD’s because where would you see them? Right. The display on all these sources is pretty good because you’ve got the ability to use a lot of real estate up there that isn’t encumbered with anything else like maps or climate controls taking up too much real estate. The CD aux button is interest because right now, I've got a USB thumb drive plugged in and that goes in here in the center console with this multi-connector that has the USB jack, also there’s iPod connected when you use the $30.00 additional cable or you've got a standard aux right next to it. A lot of niceties come on this car standard within its limited range of tech toys. So, you've got this wireless, hands-off key with proximity sensing, so you just walk up to the car and open it up. That is standard on this six-cylinder track model of the Genesis Coupe. And you've also got the ability to do push button start, which is right over here. These are all nice touches. There's also an optional Shiftronic from ZF, one of the better gearbox makers. That six-speed automatic is an option for a line item cost of $1,500.00. Most people who buy this car, I think, are going to go with the manual, especially in the track trim. Ergonomically, this car is a little smaller inside than it looks outside, at least to my eye. It looks like a pretty big car outside but inside it's a little tight. This annoys me. The wheel does have a good up and down tilt range but no telescoping. And the whole time driving this car, I feel like it's sticking right in my face. I want it to go back. So, if you're long- armed, this is going to feel a little bit “uh”. Now, a Genesis Coupe base is going to have a little, scrawny 2L turbo 4. Hmm, haven't driven that one. Not sure I want to. Instead, we got this guy, the 3.8L aluminum V6. This is one of Lambda family of engines. It's actually an American motor in a sense. It's made in their Alabama plant. 306 horsepower, 266 is the torque number. We did 0 to 60 in about six seconds in this guy. 17/26 is your MPG. Add one MPG if you get the automatic, on the highway at least. Dual length intake runners allow it to have a high and low RPM feed path giving it good torque and also good breathing on the high end. And I would generally agree with that in driving it. So, what do we have here? This car has been getting a lot of looks as I've been driving it around. It's kind of like the old Hyundai Tiburon but all grown up, right? Good sculpting in here makes it very distinctive or tortured, depending on your frame of mind. Good, strong haunches on this side. From the rear three-quarter, it's very Infiniti G Coupe. You got to copy the best. Now, when equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox, the Genesis Coupe really says, "How you doing? I'm a handful." The shifter finds its gears readily but you really have to manhandle the stick around to get to them. Inputs to the pedals and the steering wheel also have to be stout or you'll never get anything out of this car. That 3.8 V6 is sort of a brawler. It likes to pull well in both high torque and heavy-breathing scenarios. But I was very disappointed by the amount of RPM float it exhibits. Lift off the accelerator and you can just about count to two before you can dump the clutch because the engine's RPMs just stay up there for way too long. Not a great trait in a performance car. Pricing a Genesis Coupe is pretty easy. This V6 with the track package is about $30,200.00 and that's about it, $15,000.00 for the automatic if you want it. There aren’t really any tech toys to play with except the $30.00.00 down nick here for this damn iPod cable. After that, go buy yourself a TomTom or a Garmin and you're off for the races.