2010 Ford Taurus Limited Car Review
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Drive Time drives and gives a full review of the 2010 Ford Taurus Limited.


2010 Ford Taurus Limited Car Review Bigger than the fusion, this is the all new 2010 Ford Taurus. The revived badge finally put on a car worthy of its successful heritage. Designed to attract the more upscale audience with its greater engine options, larger accommodations and luxury flair the Taurus returns as a monumental step forward in it evolution. Ford has designed the car ear for those who aren’t afraid to traverse into the $30,000.00 realm without getting a luxury dodge with that in mind, Ford has to over deliver to compensate and for the most part it’s its marks. Now just prior to this test drive I have been in a Lincoln MKT with the new EcoBoost engine if you want that turbo charged fun, you’ve got to step up to the $38,000.00 Taurus Sho or other Taurus trims live life with a 3.5 liter B6 making 263 horsepower so initially this car felt pretty doggy to me as my mind retained the immediate power delivery of the EcoBoost. But in the final analysis, it’s pretty good. Not great and I think if I were interested in one of the higher trim levels like this limited that I keep spending to get into the Sho. But base SC front drive model started $26,000.00 so for that cash, the Sho remains far out of reach. 0-60 takes 7 seconds which is okay but far from fast in this segment. Engine power is lovable but not one of the car strong suits. What the Taurus does do particularly well is emulate its upscale cousin the Lincoln MKS. Just like in the new Lincolns interior appointments and ergonomics are virtually beyond approach but perhaps the exception of the trunk release button way over here on the passenger side. The infotainment system including sync is the best in the industry. Stylish both inside and out with eye-opening fit and finish and leading edge technologies for a company that once struggled with such things is very nice to see. We’ll find very comfortable rear sits and a huge trunk just as you would expect in a full size and overall the Taurus has a seal underneath to it which relies even more to its luxury persona. The 6-feet auto on the upper trim levels comes with these small thumb shifters hopefully replaced next time around with real panel shifters because the shifts themselves are done quickly for sportier driving the Taurus gives comfort and it’s less worried about trying to be a sport Sedan. Again, if that’s the experience you're after here, look to the Sho. The suspension is balanced nice and extravagant while still staying relatively sharp during the occasional hustle. All in all it’s a cruiser, its superb highway manners and precise driver controls. Available in front or all wheel drive, this 2-wheel limited model and that’s 18 MPG city and 27 highway which are more impressive in the numbers derived from EcoBoost with its head turning styling and top notch feel, this Taurus helps erase the memories of the little loved 500 Sedan once renamed the Taurus. For Drive Time at yahoo autos I'm Steve Hammes.