2010 Baby Gear Review
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When it comes to baby gear, there is always something new and exciting on the market. Anne gives us a look at some of the best out there.


Audra: When it comes to baby gear, there is always something new and exciting on the market. Ann is giving us a look at some of the best things out there. Ann: From baby bottles to car seats, there is a new baby gear coming out all the time. So to see what’s hot for 2010, I'm headed behind the scenes here at the American Baby editorial offices. So, it's a new year and there are all kinds of new baby gear coming out for 2010. If you're pregnant and working on your registry or you have a brand new baby you have all kinds of new things to choose from. I'm going to show some stuff that’s a bargain, some stuff that’s little more expensive but it's all kind of innovative and exciting to us. For instance, this new stroller line is coming over from Europe. It's Xybex. The Xybex taupe has—it looks really cool but it's also just I think a good value for your money. It's about $260.00 sold on Amazon.com or on Xybexonline.com. It's got the bar which I am a big fan of because you can put your baby’s toys on there and keep them a little more entertained when it's got the bar there. It's really intuitive how you move the leg rest up and down. It's got good padding. It's got a nice sun canapé. It comes with a rain cover. The seat goes back really easily and it folds easily as well. I think it's super cool. There is also a new diaper pail coming out. The diaper pail is from Munchkin in conjunction with arm and hammer. So, it's got technology and it works. It's going to release some baking soda and keep it from smelling like a diaper pail. When you put the diaper in, it moves and shuts it in there every time you close the lid to really keep the smell out. It's about $40.00 to Babies R Us and you can find more information at diaperpail.com. And the swing is coming up from kids too. It's called the ingenuity swing. This is I think one of the cooler ideas. You put magnets on either side. So when you start it with the battery, the magnets will help keep it swinging and that way you don’t actually use the batteries. The batteries should last the entire life of the swing because it swings so much using the power of magnets. It's really comfy too and sweet I think. And that’s for kids too or bright starts. There is a cool company called Boon that does really modern design of baby products. This is just their grass drying rack it's called. It's just pretty if you're going to have a drying rack living on your counter because you have a baby. You might as well have a nice one. So Boon’s grass drying rack is about $20.00. And then you're going to see a lot of new bottles on the market that are BPA-free. For instance Doctor Brown’s has glass bottles now. They use their anti-colic inside and Munchkin has nice BPA-free bottles. Nook has in addition to all their pacifiers, a whole long new bottle and cup. In monitors, keep coming out there now. Sound monitors and video monitors, Phillip’s Abbot has gone a step further with this monitor which monitors the temperature and humidity in the baby’s nursery. So you know if your baby is coughing, you can check whether or not you got to turn on that humidifier. You can monitor the temperature which is really important actually for SIDS prevention. If the room gets too hot, that makes it harder for a young baby breath. So, this is about $200.00 on Amazon.com. A lot of products are going to organic fabrics like the Baby Bjorn. Baby Bjorn always had completely safe OXO tested fabric but they have some organics now too. This is organic bamboo. I think it's really stylish looking. I think a dad would wear it which is what I love. Audra: And for the latest on all things baby, make sure to check out Parents TV at parents.com.