2009 Holiday Fitness Gift Guide
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It is time to gear up for gift season with magazine’s ultimate gift guide. Lindsey Emery, senior editor, is here with all the latest and greatest items for the enthusiasts in your life.


Host: Let’s time to gear up for the gift season with Fitness Magazines ultimate gift guide. Lindsay Emery is here, she is the Senior Fitness Editor and Lindsay is got all the latest in grace items for all the fitness enthusiast out there and you might become of fitness enthusiast after you see this right? Lindsay Emery: Absolutely. Host: Welcome back. Lindsay Emery: Thank you. Host: Good to see you. So the magazine highlights the quite of few items and we’re going to start off over here for the gym goers a couple of things that you guys really like. Lindsay Emery: That’s right. The first is this lovely tone; it’s a yellow lemon lucky toe. It’s $98 and it’s very slick, it’s stylish and it has all the smart compartments you need for the gym, for week underway. Host: And you said you can even use this like an overnight bag right? Lindsay Emery: You can totally get that as an overnight bag, exactly. Host: Okay, and what’s going on with the music down here. What’s really new about this? Lindsay Emery: So trapping about this is the Samsung U5 and it’s only $40 so, it’s a perfect stoking stuffer, it’s a UV incompatible so you literally just plug it right into the computer and it has 2 Gigabytes of memory and it just great for tossing in your gym bag take with you and doesn’t realize. Host: Tiny and ----- and yeah exactly convenient okay, so this slaps they look cute. Lindsay Emery: They are. Host: But are you going to do some different from the guys. Lindsay Emery: They are, the locker and this a whole new place because this are the ocean minded eye image melani flip flops. They are $26 and they’re completely waterproof, they are anti-microbial so no bacteria---- yeah no stinking in your gym bag after the shower. It’s you know your ending your out so just brilliant. Host: I really don’t know to give me that. I like that. Lindsay Emery: I know. Host: Okay, now we’re going to switch over the snow lovers. And you guys also found the few items that you like for them. Let’s start up here with the boots. Lindsay Emery: This boots are made by Flip Flops, they’re snugger boots, and they have a balance challenging midsoles so that they actually help tone your legs and your butt as you walk around. They are cute and cozy but they also help to keep you in shape. Host: Which is never a butt after all. Lindsay Emery: Yes. Host: Okay, snowshoes? Lindsay Emery: This snowshoes are----- this are new from Eddie Bower and they are at the outlet electro series nine snowshoe. The great for beginners they come into different sizes, they are not clunky at all and you can burn up the 500 calories in an hour snowing showing so right, now the bad to pick out, yeah. Host: If you don’t know how to ---- try to learn this. Lindsay Emery: Try this exactly. Host: Okay, last but not least for the snow lovers got some new goggles it French Nassi like this. Lindsay Emery: Yeah, these are the dragon DXS eye goggles with a cool candy headphone so you can entertain on the slopes and they are anti-fog and will help with UV protection as well. Host: Ah! Okay. Lindsay Emery: Which we all needs. Host: So now for the runners, lot of people get out there and run we just had the marathon here in New York City. Lindsay Emery: That’s right. Host: So, here is an interest hat, I mean I’ve wish I would started with it before. Lindsay Emery: This hat is brilliant and its keeps you nice and cozy. Has a micro face liner you’ll stay warm. Host: Yeah. Lindsay Emery: But it has a built in headphone so that you don’t have to worry about what’s underneath your hat which come sometimes cross it to be a little converse some. Host: Right. Lindsay Emery: And you just pack it right into your iPod or MP3 player and do you have music not matter where you walking to. Host: It’s a good idea, I love it. Lindsay Emery: Yeah. Host: Now, let’s go down here to the glasses because these are different. Lindsay Emery: Well people they will have a different shade. Yeah, if your ears are a little off which some of us they have that problem this are the Adidas out there a $160 but they fit perfectly to any, any shape so---- Host: I have a quickie less, every piece of sunglasses that I use to wear would be like until I took pictures and people told me but this will adjust. Lindsay Emery: Right. See you can just put them on and they fit to anyone face no matter how all that maybe. Host: The have adjustment to the nose. Lindsay Emery: The nose seal, and give you protection lenses. Host: Alright and not but not least let us go to the swimmers really quick lists. Lindsay Emery: Sure. Host: The goggles. Lindsay Emery: The serene goggle is $18, they’re women specific, anti-fog and they won’t lick, they stay really close to your face which I mean. Host: Okay and BPA free. Lindsay Emery: BPA free plastic bottles for a cyclist and they are only $10, it’s hydro pack pure bite bottles so---- Host: Right. Lindsay Emery: Perfect Solution for people who won’t worried about that’s sort of thing. Host: Good stuffs Lind, thank you so much. Good to see you again. Lindsay Emery: Thank you, you too. Host: Alright, in fitness magazine also has plenty of other gift ideas in there latest issue which is on new stands now.