2008 Teen Choice Awards
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Hollyscoop.com hit the 2008 Teen Choice Awards blue carpet and backstage where we caught up with Lil Mama, Chris Brown, Selena Gomez, Chad Michael Murray, Drake Bell, Ed Westwick, Adam Sevani, ACDC Dance crew (Adam/Chu Dance Crew) and Miley Cyrus' and Mandy Jiroux's M&M Cru, "Ugly Betty" star Michael Urie,Lauren Conrad, Summer Glau,brian Austin green, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle,the cheetah girls among others. You can also check out your favorite stars in the video from David Beckham, Channing Tat


Diana: Surfs up dude. There’s a teen tsunami hitting Los Angeles and as always, Hollyscoop is hitting the shores to get you the scoop. Now, let’s get to it. What are you looking forward to tonight? Lil’ Mama: I’m definitely looking forward to Miley Cyrus hosting the show. Summer Glau: Miley Cyrus because I think she’s such a great teen role model. Drake Bell: I think Miley is cool. She’s all right. Chris Brown: Oh yeah definitely. It will be fun. Diana: How’s it like working with Miley Cyrus? Adam Sevani: She’s great. She’s fun. I haven’t seen her on carpet yet but— Diana: She’s pretty hot, would you ever date her? Adam Sevani: I’m out. I’m out. Diana: Are you excited about tonight seeing Miley? Maria Perez de Tagle: Definitely, I want to see her dance crew and beat ACDC. Diana: Who’s going to come up the winner tonight? Female: Tonight, oh M&M all the way. We got ladies. We got all the girls representing. Diana: Are you guys ever going to do that dance off that Miley does at the ACDC? Selena Gomez: No, I’m not a dancer. So, I leave that up to her. Diana: Are you a Miley fan or Selena fan? It’s like that drama going on right now? Female: I’m think I’m both of their fans. Female: I really like Selena like as a person but Miley’s music is awesome. So, you can’t knock that. Diana: Selena or Miley, who would choose? Adam Sevani: Oh my, I’m like— Maria Perez de Tagle: It’s just like a hubbub over nothing because we’re all great friends. Diana: With this lately with this whole Miley drama, what’s your thoughts on it? Is it like crazy for you? Selena Gomez: It is. It’s kind of weird. It happened ages ago, so the fact that it’s getting attention and stuff is kind of weird. There’s no feud. So for us, we just laugh about it as if nothing there. Diana: You’re usually good friends. Selena Gomez: Yeah, we’re an okay level. Diana: Oh okay, you’re hot coming out these days. Are you single? You got to tell me that. Selena Gomez: I’m dating. Diana: He’s in the Jonas Brothers? Selena Gomez: No, I’m dating, just having fun and having crushes. I’m not dating any of the Jonas Brothers. Diana: How’s it feel hitting the hottest school in the planet? If you win, what would you say on stage? Oliver Wilde: I would tell people to vote November. Chad Michael Murlay: I would say thank you to all the important people, thank you to fans but I think most importantly—this is not being preachy but everything that’s kind of important in the world, we’ve got people worrying about Global Warming, people worrying about the president candidates, people worrying about everything. I just wanted to remind everybody to put the basics which is respecting out parents. Ed Westwick: Very excited, very flattering. Diana: What would you do if you win up there and won? Ed Westwick: Thank you. Lauren Conrad: I have no idea. You don’t plan. It’s bad luck. Michael Urie: I’ll probably just flip out because it would mean so much. Diana: You’re the cutest mom. I saw you standing there watching Kim do her thing at you. Kris Jenner: I’m so proud of Kim. This is her first time actually on the red carpet—but this is, when you do this for the first time, you have to think about so many different things and I’m like the perfect stage mom. Diana: Would you—? Kris Jenner: She got a ten. Diana: Is our job easy? Tell me that. Kris Jenner: Your job is difficult. Your job is hard, do you know why? Because I see that today you are rocking Mariah Carey. You are adorable. Diana: And that’s the scoop from Hollyscoop. I’m Diana and I’ll see you guys at the next carpet, until then. Cheetah Girls: Hey! What’s up? We are the Cheetah Girls. Kris Jenner: I’m mommy-ger M&M: That’s the scoop from— Drake Bell: From Hollyscoop. Diana: Could I be the fourth member of the cheetah Girls? Female: Yeah, you can totally do it. Female: Of course, you can. Adam Sevani: Let’s get some poop on Hollyscoop. I’m just kidding, Hollyscoop.com.