2007 Ford Edge Crossover SUV
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Take a good look at the new 2007 Ford Edge. Ford motor company says this vehicle is on the leading edge of a huge automotive trend, the CUV or crossover utility vehicle. Its bold, it's American and it's about ready to shake up market's hottest new segment crossover utility vehicles. Crossovers are really Carbage utility vehicles that combine car-like handling and fuel efficiency with truck-based SUV utility. Edge is targeted at young couples, entering the family stage but still holding on to their youth, that's why Edge offers a ton of flexibility. There's seating for 5, push button, fold-flat rear seats for more cargo space and another button opens the Vista Roof for panaromic views while driving. Need tunes to enjoy the ride; there is a place to plug-in your iPod. Outside Edge offers a wreckage profile, 18 inch wheels and a bold 3-bar grill. CUVs are great but Ford hasn't forgotten its rip-roaring American muscle car roots, take a look at the Ford Shelby GT500, the most powerful factory built mustang ever, the car has bought up a lot standing collaboration between Ford and Carroll Shelby. The Shelby GT500 is offered in both, coupe and convertible but what could be down the road for Ford? We're pushing ourselves to be the most innovative automotive company in the world, in technological solutions to environmental challenges, to safety challenges and in design. All about the Ford F250 super chief concept. It's big and bold but environmentally, it's a gentle giant. It supports the industry's first Tri-flex engine, able to run gasoline, ethanol or hydrogen. All while you enjoy the luxury of the old super chief trends. If big is big, small is big too. How about the Ford reflex concept? Featuring big performance and fuel economy in a small car package. It's a technological showcase including a diesel electric hybrid engine, solar panels and an interior that includes regenerated materials such as scrap from Nike athletic shoes. At the North American International Auto Show, Richmeg reporting.