2 Kids Among 5 Dead in Conn. House Fire
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The mayor of Stamford, Conn., says the city has probably never seen a worse Christmas Day. Five people died in an early morning house fire. (Dec. 25)


[Notes:VO: FIRE FIGHTERS MOPPING UP SCENE. SOURCE: WABC. STAMFORD, CONN. 12/25/11]A CHRISTMAS TRAGEDY IN CONNECTICUT. OFFICIALS SAY FIVE PEOPLE--INCLUDING TWO CHILDREN--DIED IN A HOUSE FIRE EARLY SUNDAY MORNING.[Notes:Source: The Stamford Advocate](sot: Mayor Michael Pavia/Stamford, Conn) 1;51 a horrible tragedy. It's christmas day. There probably has not been a worse christmas day in the city of stamford.[Notes:VO: FIREFIGHTERS. SOURCE: WABC]THE CALL CAME IN JUST BEFORE FIVE AM. THE FIRST FIREFIGHTERS ON THE SCENE TRIED TO ENTER THE HOUSE--BUT WERE PUSHED BACK BY INTENSE FLAMES. ONE NEIGHBOR HEADED OUTSIDE WHEN HE HEARD COMMOTION.[Notes:Source: The Stamford Advocate](sot: Charles mangano/Witness) :15 I heard somebody yelling help, help, help me and started sprinting up my driveway and mate the turn onto street and I saw there was tons and tons of fire apparatus here and so I came to see if there was anything I could do. There was nothing I could do.[Notes:VO: FIREFIGHTERS. SOURCE: WABC]TWO PEOPLE--A MAN AND A WOMAN--DID MAKE IT OUT ALIVE.[Notes:Source: The Stamford Advocate](sot: Charles mangano/Witness) :55 The woman said, just mumbling, my whole life is in there.[Notes:VO: FIREFIGHTERS. SOURCE: WABC]THE TOLL OF THE FIRE WAS ENOUGH TO BRING THE VETERAN FIRE CHIEF TO TEARS.[Notes:Source: The Stamford Advocate](sot: Acting Fire Chief Antonio Conte)3:59 it's never easy. I've been on this job 38 years. It's not easy. [Notes:VO: FIREFIGHTERS. SOURCE: WABC]FIRE OFFICIALS SAY THE HOME IS SO DAMAGED THAT IT WILL BE AT LEAST A FEW DAYS BEFORE THEY CAN START TO FIGURE OUT HOW IT HAPPENED.MATT FRIEDMAN. ASSOCAITED PRESS.(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: Matt Friedman---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: WABC-TV/The Stamford Advocate-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: must courtesy----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): --------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE:ELV6108AP-Fire-Five Dead UPDATE,226