10 Minute Total Body Workout
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Moms are often too busy to go to the gym to workout their body. In this episode of Parents TV you will see a 10 minute total body workout which can easily do at home. Perfect for busy Moms!


Anne Ebeling: Hey moms! We know you have super busy schedules. So today we are going to show you a full-body workout you can do in just ten minutes. Sean Foy wrote the book The 10-Minute Total Body Breakthrough and today he is here to tell us about it. Hey Sean thanks for joining us. Sean Foy: Thank you Anne. Thanks for having me. Anne Ebeling: Now, how is the workout structured? Sean Foy: Well we took all the key elements of any successful fitness program which is cardiovascular training, resistance training, core and stretching and put it into a ten minute circuit that's power-packed. Anne Ebeling: And this burns more fat than doing something for like 30 minutes while your heart race up the whole time. Sean Foy: Yeah. What we have done is we have put it together in a circuit called 4-3-2-1. Four minutes of what we call high energy aerobic training or heat. Three minutes of resistance training for upper and lower body, two minutes of core, and then one minute of deep breathing and stretching. And the amazing thing is as we start off with the heat portion, the four minutes of heat, we have found in the research, believe it or not, doing motions, you are moving fast, and then you are moving slow, you are moving fast, your heart rate is getting up and it's going down, you can burn 9 times more body fat to forming that type of bacteria. So get rid of that baby weight, you can definitely do within interval training. Would you like to see the four minutes of heat training? Anne Ebeling: Absolutely. Let's do that. Sean Foy: Okay. Come on. I want you to have a seat right here for a me and I am going to demonstrate a movement that you can do really anywhere; in a hotel room, at home. All you need is the bench or chair. We are going to simulate and you can do this on a treadmill, an elliptical, or bicycle, it doesn't matter. But you can also do with your body weight, and in the book, we talk a lot about how you can do this workout anytime, anywhere. So we are going to simulate like we are jogging. Now I call this chair jogging. We are just going to use our arms. We are going to be jogging for approximately 30 seconds. When I say go, we are going to sprint. We are going to race. It's very important. Are you ready? Go and then relax. Good. Now we are going to bring our feet into it. So go ahead and move your feet and your arms. So again, you can do this on a treadmill, you can do this on a bike, an elliptical, the goal is 30 second slow, 30 second fast for four minutes. Are you ready? Anne Ebeling: Yes. Sean Foy: We are going to go as fast as we can. Now go. And relax. Good. Great job Anne. So what's interesting, our research have shown and other studies have shown is four minutes of this type of interval work, this heat training is actually equal or better 30 minute walk. Anne Ebeling: Unbelievable. Sean Foy: So would you rather do four minutes of this type of training or 30 minutes of slow pace. Anne Ebeling: Well, four minutes specially for busy mom. Sean Foy: Absolutely. So the first four minutes are interval training. Then the next three minutes is resistance training. So let me show you an exercise. This is a great movement for moms specially after having a baby, your ligaments, and your tendons are probably little bit weaker and your muscles are weaker. So we are going to place our left foot forward, right foot is going to be at back and what I like you to do is raise up on ball of your back foot. We are going to do a static lounge. I am going to have you lower your weight down, just hold this position. You are going to feel this in a buttocks, you are going to feel it in the back of the leg, and also your quadriceps. Just holding this position for 30 seconds is going to begin to toning firm your body which is fantastic. We will switch legs to the other side and again you are going to place your weight on the back of the ball, above your foot, and let your weight come down. So holding this position you are tightening these muscles, again it works the buttocks muscle, the gluteal, it also work in the quadriceps, and the hamstrings. This is going to bring your metabolism back and that's really what we want to do is strengthening these muscles. Good job. Okay. Now we are going to move to core which is strengthening the abdominal, the hip, and the lower back. Let me show you one of my favorite exercises. This is called a chair play. You are going to place your hands on top of the bench, much like a push-up position, walk your feet back, and again, what I would like you is to keep your elbow slightly bent. While you are in this position, what I like you to do is raise your left leg, tighten your buttocks, and just hold that position. Now this is a movement that you can do while you are still watching your baby, watch the kids. You can do this move while you are watching television. Go ahead and lower that, not the time for television, other leg, go ahead and raise up the right leg, again tighten those muscles. This is a great core movement to help strengthen and support your core. So this movement helps to improve our posture because during pregnancy, there is a lot that's going on with our body and posture begins to change. Abdominal muscles become weaker. So these types of stabilizing movements are excellent to get you back in the shape. Then your last movement is one minute of deep breathing and stretching. So what we will do is we will go ahead and have a seat on the bench. What I would like you to do is place your left foot forward, raise your toe up, what I like you to do is keep your shoulders back, nice and tall, I want you to walk your fingers down the front of your leg and also down your chin, very good. You are going to feel this in the back of your leg. Good job. So ahead and switch legs. This is a great stretch for moms specially because it increases blood circulation to the lower back. It's a great stress reliever. One thing I want to emphasis, you want to breath deeply while you are doing this. What I would like you to do is inhale deeply, and then exhale through your mouth. Good. You want to do this for approximately 30 seconds. So we are going walk our hands back up, excellent. So you are done. Four minutes of interval training, heat, three minutes of resistance, for your upper and lower body, two minutes of core, for your abdominal, hip, and lower back, and one minute of stretching, you are done. Ten minutes, that's it. Anne Ebeling: It's so easy. And how often should moms do this? Sean Foy: We really want to encourage them to do it everyday. So every other day, do the 4-3-2-1 workout but everyday do at least 10 minutes of movement. So Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 4-3-2-1, and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, just ten minutes of activity. Take the stairs, walk around, it doesn't matter as long as it's ten minutes. Anne Ebeling: Sean, thank you so much for joining us and for all that great information. To find out more, or to see the full workout, check out Sean's books, it's The 10-Minute Total Body Breakthrough and thanks for watching Parents TV. We will see you next time.